2018 Halloween Hamfest Table & Ticket Order Form
Please print this form and send with your check



US Dollars


Advance Sale Admission  and Prize Ticket


$4.00 or 3 for $10.00


Advanced Table order $15.00 private $15.00 comercial.  Electric hookup is $15 each outlet


$15.00 or $15.00


Make check payable to SLARC                                 $ Total =


Please print!


Call Sign__________________________________________


City__________________________ State__________ Zip Code_____________

Daytime Phone (      ) ____________________

Evening Phone (      ) ____________________

E-mail address: ____________________________


Any ticket orders received after October 13, 2017 will only be available for pickup at the door.

Bob Sluder
7511 Local Hillsboro Rd.
Cedar Hill, Missouri 63016

A $25.00 service charge will be assessed on all returned checks.

Halloween Hamfest appreciates your order and the support of our show...thank you!

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